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Welcome to Mfoto.nl
Welkom bij Mfoto
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M Foto    van Galenstraat 1    5694CD    Son en Breugel   
T: 0499 474753    M. 06 19449288
E: info@mfoto.nl
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Let me introduce myself:
After my training MBO Fashion and Clothing I went to the Art Academy in Den Bosch . I wanted to do fashion design. Here I was introduced to photography and I became infected with the photography virus. I switched to photography at the Academy of Art St. Joost in Breda. I have learnt many different areas including portrait photography, still life, reportage photography and autonomous. The direction which I love the most, was a combination of portrait and reportage to which "people" central stood. What particularly intrigues me in a photo is the combination of composition, light, voltage and story. 
After my children were born,  the first years I didn't take very much pictures.
Now the children are older and I have more time again, I returned to my photography heart's practice.
A new challenge is the digital photo editing, the possibilities are almost limitless.
Within different themes I work with this digital photo editing and photo manipulations to my own autonomous photography world.
For an impression of these go to the cube Collection and click the theme to it.
M-Foto is a photo-company with a creative approach and stands for M-yriam Photography. M-Foto makes your  industry or bridal reportage's, portrait on location, at home, as in my own studio. M-Foto also organizes all your digital imaging assunder retouch to sandwich images. When you will discover your camera and his possibilities or youwant to grow in your photography studio. Subscribe for a course by M-Foto if you want to learn more about your camera or develop yourself further within photography.
Also I can make your birth announcement, thank-you cards etc.
Let yourself be surprised by my website and see you,

Myriam Merks
Kvk 17257481  /  BTW nr NL141778489B01

Click here for a route description

Click here for a route description

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